So, overall had a great outing today. Put 116 miles on. The new Shock Therapy springs work great, got the suspension dialed in, and the machine feels great, have just shy of 700 miles on it now. Now i’ve had belt issues since day on, think i took out three last year.
So over the winter i aligned the engine /trans with the SDI tool, added their motor plate, added a Dalton clutch kit, replaced the square pucks (2016) in the secondary with rollers, Gates belt and a G Force slide guide.
I broke the belt in this morning, low gear just cruising thru the trails for around 10-12 miles. Then i kicked it up. Trails were a combo of hardpack dirt and sand, mostly sand. Was trying to keep up a good clip, 60-70 mph (when i could). About 80 miles in, the check engine light came on and it went into limp mode. It threw codes 65590,65591 and 65592.
Made it back to the trailer at a much slower pace, pulled the cover and saw the damage. Wasted another belt. This machine is so fun, but it just isn’t worth going thru a belt every outing.

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