One month and I hit my first 25 hours (actually 500 miles)! I am loving this machine! A few things that have been bothering me however. The steering wheel is about 10 degrees off center to the right. Not a huge deal, but enough to bother me since I just spent $30K. Dealer pulled the wheel off and put it on another spline to the left. Now it’s 10 degrees off the the left! They told me the only thing they could do is a full alignment to see if it would fix it. Meanwhile I had the dealer put on new wheels and tires (more of a trail tire). That caused the steering wheel to shimmy and pull the vehicle to the left like when a car doesn’t have it’s tires balanced. I had them do the alignment when they did the first service. While it didn’t fix altogether the steering wheel and shimmy issues, it did make a difference so I will leave it at that. Interested in anyone’s thoughts on the matter. The other issue is the roof rattles when hitting bumps. I made a post earlier about that and I need to buy some adhesive foam and put that on the contact points. Hopefully that will take care of it. Here is a list of add-on’s that I had installed.

Ride Command
MB Quartz speaker pods
Roof with Pro Armour LED light bar
Front and rear bumpers with front LED bumper light bar
Polaris skid plate
Polaris rock sliders
Wheels with 29″ tires
Street legal kit

One more stupid pet peeve is that I hate the little sealed box below the dash. Pain in the butt to open. Anyone replaced this box with something more interesting?

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