So if you check my previous posts you will see I’ve had timing chain issues.

As spring is here I got the rzr out of the garage for a gentle run round. Fired up first time, left it idling while it warmed up and I checked tyre pressure etc. After 5 mins it cut out. Wouldn’t start.

I knew it was timing, coz for the 5 miles I’ve driven the thing since buying, it’s jumped 6 times. Seriously.

So I’m running an alba chain tensioner as recommended. I take the engine cover off and sure enough it’s jumped 3 teeth. Re set timing. I’m not 100 happy with the chain, seems to be too much slop between cams.

Anyway i managed do have a good 30 mins round my track. Happy days.

Thing is I know it will happen again and again and again.

Wtf is the issue? Is the chain stretched or somthing?

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