Looking to fill the gap the stock doors leave open. I love the look of the Pro Armor doors, however, I have heard they have latch and noise issues. I have been looking at UTV Giants “New” full doors where apparently they have improved the design and I have also been looking at their lower doors that are dirt cheap at $89! Does anyone run either of these. For the price, you can’t beat it..but I will not listen to something rattle on the trail. If they are going to rattle as bad as the horror stories I have been told, I’ll spend the extra coin and go Dirt Engineered or something. If anyone’s running UTV giant and has input, it would be greatly appreciated!

Full doors – https://www.utvgiant.com/xpfudov2nefs.html

Lowers – https://www.utvgiant.com/20rz2090lodo.html

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