Very disappointed with Vendetta Motorsports – I finally got my rock sliders after ordering on Cyber Monday.

Before ordering, I specifically asked Vendetta if these would work with aftermarket skids – they said yes.

I wonder if they have ever installed these with aftermarket skids? All aftermarket skids have screws on the bottom of the outer frame rail. Vendetta wants you to drill through the frame in the front and the back using the OEM holes on the side of the frame – they provide a well nut for the center.

The back hole is not a issue as it is exposed and up high. However, there is absolutely no way to get to the backside of that front frame rail hole to get a washer and nut on it even if I take out the skid screws from every mounting point but the outer edge.

You can’t loosen the screws on the outer edge to give enough room to drop the skid as there is no way to retighten the screws because the Vendetta rock slider covers them.

Anyone have a suggestion other than boxing these up and sending them back?


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