Just wanted to post up about the Machined Integrations wheelbearing greaser.

This is a sweet tool that works a charm.

Have 1006 mi on my Rzr and decided to pump up the bearings with the notorious “Green Grease”. Had to buy mini tubes and gun from amazon because I can’t find it near-by.

Anyway, using the greaser, I put 35-40 pumps of green grease into the bearings before the grease started pumpin out the seals. Some water and black grease came out.

This green grease is the stickiest icky snot I’ve ever experienced. Way more cling than the Lucas Marine I was using. The Lucas is like gear oil compared to green grease. I hope it’s good for wheel bearings!

Just wanted to share.

I’d say the greaser is a good idea and investment for preventive maintenance and a money saver by reducing bearing change-outs.

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