I’ve tried finding other folks that have added wheel wells to their rzr but haven’t had to much luck. really not a lot of info at all. There is a bunch of talk about the front adding protection to stop things from coming into the cab, but nothing on the rear to keep mud off the engine. So this is my first attempt to make some wheel wells and I like to know what your thought is on heat. do you think the wheel wells will hold the heat it… my thought on that is, It can’t be worse than 1-2″ of mud all over it. there is a lot of room in front of the engine, I could add an electric fan to keep air flow. thoughts?

here are a some pics – I’m no expert fab worker, this is my first shot and if I were to do it again think it would be better

rear left[IMG][/IMG]

rear right [IMG][/IMG]



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