I’ve been on the forum for a few yrs but haven’t bought a SxS yet.

I’m getting close to pulling the trigger. Is not having a warranty the end of the world? I’ve been here for a few years and see the problems, stop sell recalls, etc that these have had for 5 yrs now it seems.

Which of these sounds better to ya’s:

1. New ’17 for $14,299 + tax/title and has warranty

2. Used ’17 for $15.5k, no warranty
– 120 miles
– 32 inch Lightbar with Buggy Headlights
– Hard Plastic Roof
– Full Windshield
– Bluetooth Stereo with Rockford Amp and 2 Bar-Clamp Pod Speakers
– Alba Racing Front Bumper
– Super ATV Rear Bumper
– 4 point Pro-Armor 3 Inch Pad Seat Belts. (with seat belt bypass)
– Kemimoto Door Knee Pads
– 2 Inch Wheel Spacers on all Four Wheels
– Nerf / Tree Bars
– Aluminum Lower Doors

New ’18, $15,299 + tax/titles and has warranty

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