On my 2010 800 S, I tried removing the sway bar, and it had way too much body roll. Made me super uncomfortable. Also my springs sagged out in a year or so.

I finally put out the cash for a set of dual rate springs from RacerTech, and it was a gigantic improvement, and I was also able to remove the sway bar and it felt great.

So now I have an XP 1000. I bought it used and it has 777 miles on it. But the suspension is a world of difference with the XP 1000. The springs are much larger, the shocks are much larger, and of course it has trailing arms instead of A-arms in rear.

Does the same situation apply though? When do the XP 1000 stock springs sag out? Will it be a freaky amount of body roll if I take off the sway bar without putting in dual rate springs from RacerTech?

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