I installed a Dalton clutch kit for my XP1000 and loved it for a day. I started losing RPM’s on my razor no matter what I tried. I decided to order the SDI alignment tool as the last item to check to see why I was losing revs. First I dry fit the tool and my engine and transmission was out of parallel about 1/4″ so I was happy to find something that may have caused some drag.
After I pulled my belt cover off and started the alignment procedure I found that the lower alignment bolt on the right side was missing, gone! I assume when my Razor went in for the the reverse chain replacement, my dealer did not tighten it correctly or forgot to put it back in. Then I pulled off the lower bolt on the left side and about an inch of the bolt was broken off in the case, not sure if it broke when I took it out but it looked like a bad part. Anyway, I aligned the engine and trans following the instructions from SDI and installed the SDI plate as well. I am confident the addition of the SDI alignment plate will make the engine/trans connection much stronger and I recommend everybody check their bolts. Pics attached
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