Our 2015 Xp1000 has been great for the last 5,500 miles, but has developed an issue that’s causing me some worry.

The car runs great for the first 80-90 miles of a full tank of fuel, then starts to bog on the top end. Eventually it gets so bad that the car won’t do more than 30mph. If I shut it down, it will restart and run normally but will resume the mentioned behavior again shortly. The longer I stop, the longer it runs properly afterwards. It’s thrown the lean code (520344-17) several times, but clears after a short stop. Keep in mind that this is driving in 90-100 degrees in Central Oregon. All other vitals are normal and proper.

My theory is that the fuel pump is getting hot and slowing down once the fuel level drops below where it needs to be to keep the pump submerged in cool fuel.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is my theory in the ballpark??

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