Hello all I just purchased a used 2015 1000 XP4 and I am looking to put upper doors on it so I don’t completely freeze this winter when plowing snow. I have looked at several pictures of the Polaris and Trail Armor uppers and I like the fact that the Polaris doors open and close with the doors, so I am wanting to go with the Polaris uppers. However I would appreciate it if people who own upper doors would chime in and let me know what issues they think I will have with my current roof, windshield and mirror setup. Also if I put a upper doors and a rear windshield am I just “asking for it” if I don’t put in some sort of a defroster? I have already purchased a winch and plow for it so I am trying to get it ready to plow my family’s driveways. Thanks all in advance.


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