My 2014 RZR has become a belt eating machine. I don’t trust it to be able to get on the throttle and go fast without breaking a belt. The stock belt lasted 1100 miles and then blew. I had flat spots on my rollers and replaced them with upgraded Hunterworks rollers. I installed a new gates belt. It lasted 3 dune days and 2 80 mile slow trail rides (Crown King). It blew heading back to the truck on the way home from Crown King. I installed the 3rd belt and drove it for less that 30 miles. It started making noises and I tried to limp it back to the trailer and blew it 2 miles from the truck. The current belt has 50 miles on it. These miles are all break in miles. If I accelerate I can smell the rubber from the belt. It is only a matter of time until this belt breaks.

I have ordered the Hunterworks clutch alignment tool to verify my alignment. I want to upgrade my clutch cover as well so that I can help keep the belt cool. How much better is the Fuel Customs cover vs the factory 2015 cover?

Does anyone have any other suggestions?



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