Finally got around to chopping my stock cage down on my XP4 and thought I’d post up a bit of a write-up and pictures for anyone looking to do the same as I found there wasn’t a whole bunch of information on the site about XP4 cage chops. I took 3″ out of the B-pillar and 6″ out of the C-pillar. Pictures and a more detailed explanation below.

Sections between the green tape were cut out.

We decided to tackle the front half of the cage by itself first rather than trying to deal with the whole thing. I pie cut the B-pillars at the bend below the section I cut out so we could bent them back slightly further to align everything back up. 1.5″ sleeves were put in all cuts and we left around a 1/8″ – 3/16″ gap between the outer tubing so we could fill weld it and catch the sleeves with that as well. Also allowing the welds to be ground flush afterward without getting rid of the entire weld.

The back half of the cage was definitely the more difficult part. We ended up cutting the 90° bends at the top of the C-pillars right off at the bungs at the top of the cage so we could rotate them back to the correct angle. Another pie cut was made in the pipe in the bend below where we cut the section out to bend it down slightly further to where we needed it and the same process was used to weld everything back together.

For the back bars over the bed I cut the bungs off both ends and the shock reservoir mounting tabs off. We then flipped the bars so the bend was closer to the bed and shortened the top piece to length. This gave almost the perfect angle to match where the top of the cage is now. The reservoir tabs were then welded back on where they fit best.

I also had to cut the rear seat belt mounting tabs off the section of C-pillar that was cut out to re-weld back onto the cage as I’m still using stock seatbelts for the time being.

Once everything was welded up I ground post of the welds flush and sanded down the edges of the stock powder coat as best I could to provide a smooth transition once painted.

Then was time for a quick coat of Tremclad semi-gloss to cover it back up. The Tremclad is slightly glossier than the stock powder but I faded it in the best I could and it turned out pretty decent. I’m thinking it will likely fade a bit over time anyway and will barely be noticeable.

Finished product:


All said and done I’m definitely happy with the chop. Took a fair amount of work but looks so much better; this is how they should come from the factory.
For anyone wondering about fitment in the back, I’m 6′-0″ and I can sit in the back with a helmet on no problem. Still a couple inches above my helmet to the cage.

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