I was out on the trails today (real muddy), and about 7 miles in we stopped at a stop sign, and it shut off. I attempted to start it in gear, and it attempted to start but wouldn’t. I couldn’t put it in neutral, so I rocked it to get it in. Started fine, shifted to high, it jerked HARD and immediately stalled. So I started it in reverse and it yanked back but started. It did the same thing at the next stop, and I ended up having my buddies push me while in neutral, I shifted into high and started it, and drove it back without stopping.

Any idea what the issue may be? I read many other posts on the forums here and it seems like it may be that my primary clutch is done for? I opened the clutch cover and it looks spotless. I’ve owned the RZR for ~200 miles, and haven’t cleaned the clutch/replaced a belt. The previous owner had a belt blow, because I found pieces of it when I took the cover off.

Any help is appreciated!


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