Thought I would post some pictures of our setup for everyone to see. I read the Shock Therapy article and did a ton of research before I purchased. The nerd in me put it all on a spreadsheet so I could see everything all there in one place. I would be happy to share any of the research I did with any of you.

So my brother and I each purchased new 2017 machines last year from Los Lunas Motorsports in Los Lunas NM. At the time they were the most aggressive of the 8 different dealerships I called in NM and AZ. Since then we have done Silverton CO, and The Hole in The Rock Trail among other day trips all over creation. These machines rock! We have installed half windshields, DragonFire Racing canvas tops, skid plates, Houser Racing front A arms, and homemade rear bumper/spare tire carriers.

I wanted more clearance and tougher tires. Also looking for the upgrade in looks and of course the beadlocks. We do lots of trails and rocks here in Gallup NM. Try to stay out of the mud. So the tire we decided on was the Tusk Terrabite. They are a 8 ply and have .75″ lugs. They weigh 40lbs each. I haven’t fiddled with the pressure yet but I will when we get to the rocks. The price on them was right. They have tread like Mongrels with sidewalls like the Pro Armor crawlers.

My brother got the STI HD9 and I got the Walker Evans Racing. Both with the 5+2 backspacing. I forgot to weigh the set with the STI wheels but the set with the Walker Evans Racing wheels weighed 232 lbs. Just for reference the old set weighed 154 lbs. A 68 lb difference for the set. Based on a quick ride here locally there didn’t seem to be a noticeable difference in power, no rubbing so far, and they ride waaaayyy smoother and quieter. The machines are 68.5″ wide now.

We are off to Moab for Spring Break March 21-24 if anyone wants to meet up.

Here are all the pictures you all are looking for.

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