Like the title says. I’m getting ready to buy a wheel and tire package and have read the shock therapy article about wheel offset. I Know a 5/2 wheel would be the best but does a 5/2 wheel and 33″ BFG fit? I’ve seen plenty of 1000’s with 33’s on them but can’t find anyone that comments on what will offset works best for that tire size without huge fitment issues. I’m not wanting to add a lift. I will adjust the shocks as needed etc. I just ordered the RZR works gear reduction and upgraded reverse stuff so I will be geared correctly for the tire size. I will also be ordering new axle shafts front and rear. We do alot of rock crawling and road running where we are at (we are street legal in NM) so a good radal light truck tire will be good upgrade.
Thanks in advance for the advice.

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