Yea, I know I sound like a broken record (for those of you old enough to know what a record even is…), but I have to give it up to the guys at ST.

A little back ground (since you keep hearing the same crap from me and may wonder where I’m getting my basis for comments) – I’ve raced for years. Done everything from down home farm field racing to stadium racing to navigating Baja with SCORE and top five finishes in BITD in a Trophy Truck. I have many years of playing with suspension (if you can’t get the power to the ground, it’s pointless – make the chassis work first).

I’ve rebuild, revalved, retuned shocks for a long time (I was the guy in the parking lot with all my shocks spread out on a table trying to get it dialed for the next heat). I’ve done/helped half a dozen XP900s get set up well and the results were always quality.

So along comes the XP1000 four seater and I keep hearing how good ST is at making them work (Hell, bone stock it was better than my very well set up 900). The stock 1000 suffers from a bit of roughness over the chatter and could be a tad more controlled in high speed stuff.

I bit the bullet and forked out a couple grand for the full ST system – shock revalve, new springs, new sway bar. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

I’ve already raved about how well the system works in the area around me – we have just about any terrain you can throw at an off road vehicle other than mud (left that crap in the mid-west when I left). I discussed what and where I rode with the guys for quite a while – fortunately they’re right in the middle of the same stuff I play in (they’re 40 minutes from me). I tried everything I could to get them to let me purchase their internals and I’d do the work. Nope, they do it or you don’t get it done. I’m good with that – kinda tired of working on stuff all the time and I have a major project on my bench presently.

They got it right. Plain and simple.

My final “test” for the setup was at Glamis this past weekend with three others. A couple of my passengers are on the XXL size of life (we staggered them – one in passenger seat, one behind me). Definitely squats the car. I put four clicks of compression damping in – that’s it. Just four little clicks on each shock for tuning.

All I can say is WOW! We bottomed out a few times (expected) – generally in transitions between the dune face and the bottom and on a couple of the whoops that get out of rhythm. But NEVER did it hit hard or buck. Just smooth, supple and impressive.

Not sure what they’re doing inside the shocks to make them work (I tried really hard to get them to tell me what they’re doing and they’re silent) but they have it dialed in.

Yea, it’s a chunk of change and worth it – Hell, I’d challenge just about any of the shock tuners to match Shock Therapy’s work at the same price.

Want your XP to work well? Send Shock Therapy your stuff. You will be impressed.

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