Hey y’all,

I’ve posted on here a few times now and am very pleased with the knowledge and helpfulness of this community. Thank you! I have a question. I have the 2018 (2017.5 out in good old Cali) XP4 1000 and I put the CageWrx “Super Shorty” roll cage on with “Baja Spec” rear bumper kit. My question is does anyone know of a good affordable spare tire mount that will fit on this cage? CageWrx sales a good looking spare tire carrier but it is $419.99. I like the look and price of the Tusk Spare Tire carrier 149.99 that I found on RockyMountainATV but it doesn’t look like it will fit on my aftermarket cage (or will it???) Also, I’m looking for a god 1/2 windshield to fit the same car and cage. The cage has the front V intrusion bars so I’m not sure if that will cause some fitment issues?

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