Sorry if this has been asked before but I thought I’d give it a go as I’ve never seen a safety comparison post..

I have a new 2018 XP4 1000, and sitting in front of my is a box of 4 brand new PRP 5.3 harnesses. Before I install these bad boys & cut my seats for passthroughs I want to ask really quick about the Click 6 harnesses….

I know I can get a rear bar so that they are able to work in the 4 seater. Do I also need the same bar for the front?

I know they are more than twice as expesnive.. especially if i need two bars.

What I dont know is are they just safe safe as a traditional 5 point harness? My thing is movement.. my logic says that if I am flying down the road and my kids are in the back.. they lean over to do something and shit happens… we flip.,… are they going to be safe as they werent sitting back in their seat they were extended forward.. make sense? With a 5 point they are stuck like glue to the seat. I get that the 6 click will lock the instant you hit a bump.. but if you are already forward in your seat are you going to be safe or tossed around?

Final question.. best place to buy 4?

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