Brought it home last night and took it down to the flats near the lake this morning to start breaking it in.
I have a 900 with stage 3 Elkas, a 1000S with shock therapy upgraded springs, and a 900 ace xc.
The XP4 rides like a Cadillac compared to the others. I was mostly running thru some whoops…. brought it home and pulled the 32’s off my 900 and put them on and went to run some trails on on the property.
Once again it rode like a Cadillac ….. not that taking a Cadillac on tight trails is a good idea ! Lots of 3,4,5 point turns. I almost made it back to the house and I had to send my girl back to the house to get a chainsaw to takedown 1 tree.
Love the vehicle !
Only complaint I have is that when going down hill was that it it goes into a free wheel situation where it just lets go. I plan on getting a Duraclutch so that should take care of that .

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