I do a baja run 3 times a year and planning my next trip this coming June. Just picked up a new 2018 XP4 1000 last week and slowly getting it ready for mexico. Spare tire is a must, but the question of the day is what size & tire to run? I’ve talked to people who run 30″ tires, but they havent been able to tell me why other than just a generic “they are better for desert riding”. Also are the bighorns a good all around tire for all sorts of different terrain?

So basically my question is this. I am getting a spare tire and I want it to match what my in the end tire setup will be. SOOO I guess my question turns into… what tire size/tire would be a good fit for desert/baja driving. Any benefit to running same size tires on front and back? Any down sides? What about 30″ tires?

Should I just buy a stock front wheel & bighorn and use as a spare? Will a front wheel work on the back?

I know.. im scatter brained. Just trying to figure out tire/wheel combos and all the info is all over the place. Not sure why the front wheel is more narrow than the back.

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