Just my experience with axiom. Serves its purpose but has issues. I know direct bolt on products are never that and near always require some fabrication and I accept this but some issues with this roof have me aggravated. The mounts for the mid and rear leave a 1/8 ” of play so its going to move around in the back section. Not a big deal as some weather stripping on the mounts can hold it down tighter. An after ride washing knocked a big chunck of paint off, my thought was i must have hit a low hanging limb but further inspection revealed about 2 feet long and 1″ wide line of paint bubbling up from poor powder coating (probably not cleaned well before painting). After every 2 to 3 rides I tighten all my bolts on the rzr. Two snapped after a month. Mild issues but might be better options for the price. Wishing I went with the isota. I did contact them but no response.

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