I had seen a few posts of toolbox installs on the back of RZR’s. Some had the Dewalt DS300 or 400. They also had to modify the box by grinding down the sides to make it fit in the small wedge space Polaris gave us.
So I had went to Home Depot to try another toolbox after learning about the Dewalt, and wanted to try the Rigid toolbox to see if it would fit without modification. Well that went south after bringing it home. But i liked the box and the stacking options it had. Along with the weather seal it on the lid. Not fond of the orange color, but it was a small sacrifice.
So i had come up with this idea. Adding rubber bumpers as feet. Anyone with a toy hauler has these on their gate. bought them of of Amazon for $18. The Rigid lower box was $39 and the top box was $29.
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