Guys, I have a 2016 1000 4 seater and the belt make a squealing sound up to 10 mph. Its so loud the folks riding with me can hear it. I am at my last straw with it. Its been in the shop now 6 times for the same thing and it hasn’t been corrected yet. I’m going to call Polaris in the morning for what its worth and see what they have to say. Originally, it was hitting the rev limiter but after 2 trips to the dealer this has been corrected. The squealing noise is still there however. I cant stand it. Several guys have mentioned a clutch kit will correct this so I’m reaching out to the forum to see if anyone has an opinion if this will help and if there is anywhere in NC or the surrounding states that anyone can recommend that I can carry the machine to let them fix it. If anyone has any advice or suggestions, I’m up to hearing them. I simply don’t know anywhere to take it other than another Polaris dealer.

BTW, I had posted about the squealing/rev limiter under another username (chemtreat1) several months ago but had to change my username.

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