Well I finally got myself a RZR after a lot of searching and mulling things over I landed on a ’17 XP4 1000. Was planning on getting a new XP4T but after learning that those are geared taller I decided we would be better off with the 1000. Plus I saved over $5k on this lightly used one vs buying a new 4T.
So the first owner left it all stock so now I’m wondering what should I address right away on these, I think I’ve read something somewhere about clutch pucks (whatever those are) so can someone explain this? I took it out on maiden ride yesterday and I felt like the clutch was a little on the loud side, under heavy load climbing steep hill there was a loud hum or whine then coming back down hills at speed there was an odd whining noise, that may be the wrong word but it’s the best I can explain.
I’d also love it if there were a more positive and earlier engagement of the trans if that’s even possible. All SxS I’ve ever rented felt the same as this and I’d love to resolve that if it’s even possible.

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