Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum and actually don’t own a rzr yet. I currently have a 16 yxz1000r se which I love. But, I’m going to be needing a 4 seater in the near future so i will likely be trading the yxz in on a rzr xp4. I don’t know much about them which is why I’m here. I’ve been combing through the options and so on and I’m torn on a few things. We mostly ride rocky clay steep trails so the 32″ tire option got my attention. Are the 32s going to be overly stressing on components or does everything hold up well? I also can’t decide if I want to buck up for a turbo or stick with non turbo. I may be spoiled with the speed of the yxz and could regret going non turbo but it’s a big price gap between them. Lastly, besides having a spare belt, what other advice do you have as far as things to upgrade right away, what to wait till it breaks/wears out, and other things to look for. I’m more of a cautious driver cause I don’t like destroying something so expensive but with the trails we ride things can get ugly pretty quick. Feel free to share opinions on anything I didn’t cover. Thanks everyone.

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