It is a huge investment in money and time to get a rugged radio installed in a XP1K4. I have the RM-50 remote display unit, the 686 intercom, and 4 helments with headsets. The remote display is mounted on the dash just above the ride command display. The intercom is installed between the seats on a rugged radio mount, and the RM-50 is installed on the rail above the rear seats. Some of the wiring is installed in the drive shaft tunnel, which requires removing the upper tunnel covers and the 2 front skid plates; and some of the wiring is wound around the upper cage bars. Lots of specialty cables are required in order to connect this montage together. But the really hard task is learning how to program frequencies into the RM-50 and how to operate the radio. You cannot cherry pick the operators manual and properly use the radio, rather you must study the manual in the same manner as a university course. Repeat and repeat until you have the approximately 43 functions memorized. Man, the folks who put all this stuff together are geniuses!

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