Ok, ready to get a new 4 seater RZR have have it narrowed down to two models.


Get a Standard 4 seater ($3300 less) and build it. Snorkel, 32″ Tires, Lift or forward arched arms. Winch, top, windshield, back, Maybe clutch kit for the 32″ tires… And then a much of little things


Get a 4 seater HL ($3300 more), 32″ tires, maybe lift of some sort, top, windshield, back, no clutch kit needed, clutch fan and the other stuff.

My main concern is suspension. I hear the HL is stiff and thats not me… Lots of dirt and rock trails with water crossing and such. occasionally we mud run it or deal with swamps during hunting and such but for the most part I have the family and we are out cruising enjoying the summer.

I really like the stock Snorkels but are cheap to do.
Like the arched arms but could get those in a offset for more clearance .
The lower ratio really has me interested but not sure its worth the trade off of stiff shocks that will not fly down the trail like I want…

Opinions please!

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