Just picked up my TFBB cage yesterday. This thing is badass, Love it. Kevin is super awesome…

Now trying to figure out how to mount my 30″ spare tire. Been looking at all the different places and all the different ways to do it and the way this cage wraps around the rear seems to take all of them out of the running. Check out the picture below. Ideally i’d like to mount it like this or on the rear bumper between the tail lights. At 30″ the tire is just a touch too big to fit into the cargo area and all the cargo mounts ive seen so far sit too low to make this work. Cagewrx & ISOTA (cargo box with mount) looked to be awesome however again I dont see how they would work.

Any ideas? Maybe I’ll have to have kevin Fab me a cross bar to mount a clamp on mount or something…. was hoping to get something off the shelf.

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