Hi guys,
I’m an experienced wheeler and builder of Jeeps, but I’m going to be stepping in to the Rzr world soon. I’m inexperienced with Rzr’s from a build standpoint. What I know is we need to do a 4 seater because of the kids, but that means our build will suffer somewhat as the length and small tires means they hang up on a lot of obstacles. Being in the PNW, I’ll be doing a mixture of trails, rocks and sand, so getting ground clearance on it is important.
I see people running 32s on them, is that the biggest you can run? And, to get to bigger tires what’s required? I see RCV makes shafts for them, but I assume there may be other components that suffer under the additional mass/weight? Just curious if there’s a build that would work for a taller Rzr and what you recommend.


Oregon City, OR

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