Hi Everyone – this is my first time posting!

I currently own a ATV (Yamaha yfz450) and do a lot of dune riding. I always Envied side by side Owners, so I finally Demoed a Yamaha YXZ at dunefest this year and Man, What a blast! I knew a side by side would be fun but I didn’t expect the experience to be so different from an atv and such a thrill! Since then my 2 year long interest has turned into an obsession to purchase a RZR XP 4 1000. Unfortunately, there were no rzr demos at dune fest so I never got a chance to drive one. With that being said – I’m set on getting a XP 4 1000 and my question is:

What are some things you wish you knew prior to purchasing a side by side or more specifically the XP 4.

Sorry for the long ramble. Any input is much appreciated!

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