Well after roughly a year of ownership I dropped some coin on some quality upgrades. Back in January I installed Tensor 30″ tires on 14″ Method 403s. In my opinion a perfect and pretty much indestructible combo.

I installed the Baja Designs Pro headlight kit a few weeks ago. It replaces the stock headlights w/ 4 squadron pros. Hands down amazing. I had a cheap 30″ light bar on top and removed that when I replaced my roof w/ UTV Giant at the same time. Props to UTV Giant for making a great roof with no rattles and you can’t beat it for 274 bucks shipped!

The lights are incredible and there is no need for any light bar. You can aim them where you want and they are simply amazing how much light they throw out. 19,600 lumens to be exact.

On Monday I am dropping the RZR off at Shock Therapy to do the stage 3 kit. Super excited to see the transformation with the suspension. Can’t wait!

I also added a seat of Simpson racing seats recently which again are amazing over stock and I think the perfect blend of a seat. You can run stock seat belt if you want with no interference or rubbing on seat or run harnesses perfectly.

I’ll let you know how the shock therapy treatment goes and will get pictures posted next week to showcase the updates and another review.

Sometimes you get what you pay for and when your spending your money on quality products from great companies you hope to get your money’s worth. With Tensor Tires, Method Race Wheels, Baja Designs, Simpson Racing and UTV Giant it’s all worth it.

I’m not paid by anybody or any company just a normal everyday dude with a passion for quality that lasts. Same username on Instagram if you care to see updates as I post there more. Shred on

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