Hi all, I have a 2014 XP4 900 that started giving me electrical issues. The check engine light is on, as is the EPS light, and also my radiator fan is no longer kicking on. The last trip out it had all of these symptoms, as well as it started to backfire really bad until it finally died and wouldnt start cuz the battery went dead. I read somewhere on here where somebody had the same exact issues and it turned out to be a bad voltage regulator. So I ordered a new voltage regulator from the dealer part #2206367 and changed it out today, but no luck, its still doing the same thing. The EPS works on and off and my fan still didn’t kick on and got up to 220. My fan used to kick on at 199 if I remember correctly. I did the low gear 4000 rpm thing, but it didn’t work. The engine is running strong tho with this new regulator without the sputtering and backfiring maybe cuz my battery is fully charged, but the idle is still surging when in neutral and the check engine still displays. When I googled this part # I noticed it comes up as a rzr1000 replacement. This unit is the same one the was changed before during a recall. Another thing is my voltage still seems to be running low when on, anywhere from low 9.0s to mid 11. With the old regulator I replaced, I saw the voltage dipping down into the 7.s Any ideas what it can be before I take in to dealer? Thanks

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