So i just wanted to share my experience with my new 2017 XPT 4 that i have owned for two weeks and had it out for its first official break in ride last Sunday.
This post is not intended to bash Polaris or discredit their machines, just simply wanted to share what I’ve gone through over the past week.

So to keep this as short as possible last sunday was my first ride/experience with my new RZR XPT 4 on the Oregon dunes. First ride was great, tacked on around 30 miles. Took it nice and easy for 10-15 miles to allow for proper belt break in. 2nd ride was not the same story, about 10 miles into the ride my machine’s check engine light comes on during a uphill climb and then seconds later dies on the side of the hill. so after getting my RZR rolled back to the bottom i scroll to the engine temp screen and its reading 270+degrees!!. I popped the hood and checked the coolant reservoir which had risen all the way to the top of the container?? after allowing the RZR to sit for about an hour to cool down, i fired it back up and let it idle and ended with the same overheating/engine shutting down result within a minute. Im guessing it developed some sort of a blockage and wasn’t allowing the coolant to cycle properly. back to the parking lot In Tow we go.

I Dropped my newly broken down machine off at the dealership monday morning which ended up with a conclusion of a blown turbo and head gasket! Needs a new motor and turbo, which conveniently is on back order prom Polaris until
June 8th. So now i am left with a $25,000 paper weight for three months that i can’t enjoy while i wait for parts. My RZR had 5hrs and under 50 miles on it how does this happen?? i understand every once in a while things can happen but most of my disappointment came from the lack of compassion and customer service from Polaris. I have been a loyal RZR owner as this is my third machine i have purchased ( 2013 900xp, 2015 1000xp, and my broken 2017 xpt4). my dealership suggested they would be glad to give me a new RZR they had sitting on their lot but ultimatley that decision was up to Polaris. After waiting for them to return my call today (which never happened, i ended up having to call back! and then was not able to be transferred to the same tech i had spoken with yesterday) Of coarse the answer i received from their customer service Gal today was “We will get these parts expedited as quickly as possible” basically no help at all and all i can do is hurry up and wait! i think i just expected better service from this Company seeing how these things cost an arm and a leg.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with their machine and Polaris’s customer service?

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