Hey yall, so we’re a bit new and inexperienced to the polaris rzr world got a few questions that id love to see if yall had answers for..

1. Most troubling issue is our 2016 XP4T cuts out at 60 65 mph ( it went 78mph easy before the recall was done) so after recall we rode around for awhile not thinking much of it. Untill we finally found a good straight away.. we first thought it felt like the clutch was slipping, grenaded the belt shortly after i still cant believe a belt can get shreded in that many pieces… Put new one on (after cleaning everything very throughly) done the brake in process and still the same thing.. so we then bought the evo stage 3 clutch kit and installed the new weights with 0 of the additional weight screws… same thing still cuts at 60 or 65… had our dealer reflash the computer same sad story… soo what the heck do we do?
2. A guide to better understanding how to adjust weights on an evo clutch (what the hell weights to put in the adjustable holes) instructions helped not at all.
3. Trinity stage 5 exhaust….. do you really need to change the packing every 15hrs!?
Thank you all for reading, im sorry its so long but we are lost haha

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