I have a 2018 XP4 Turbo Fox Edition with evo powersports stage 3 tune, STM Rage 4 primary and Tuner Secondary clutch, running 32″ outback max tires and I just replaced my belt with a new factory OEM belt and my razorback 3.0 guage showed my belt temp reached 220 and the highest it got was 232. Any ideas why this is so hot? I called STM and they said it was hotter than normal, should be around 170-180. Are temps super hot when you break in a new belt and then go back to normal temps once the belt is broken in? When i spoke to STM they said my weights and RPMs are in line. This thing has given me belt issues for a while now and i am getting sick and tired of belt problems. machine only has 17 hour on it and 132 miles. Any suggestions how to lower this would be great. I bought a blow hole but i am not sure that will suffice lowering the belt temps. If 215-220 is normal then maybe i am just freaking out over nothing, but it seems excessively high?

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