Hi Guys,

I own a 2018 WE xp4 turbo and recently came across on what a appears to be a good deal for some used Fox Shocks. The guys says they came off of a 2018 2-seater turbo. I’m pretty sure he’s wrong since the springs on the shocks are white and I believe the Fox edition last year only had red springs.

If I pick them up, the plan would be to send them to Shock therapy for re-valving and new springs.

My questions are:
1. what am I risking by buying used shocks
2. is there a different other than spring rates (which wouldn’t be an issue once I get new ones) between a 2-seater and 4-seater?
3. Am I able to tell what model they actually came from and would that even matter?

Thank you for reading and please excuse my ignorance when it comes to all things suspension. I tried searching but didn’t come up with anything.

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