I have a weird clanking noise after I installed the Z-Broz front High clearance arms. This is not the first time that I have had issues. When I first installed them, I had experienced the same issue. I call Z-Broz and told them of my problem. They told me to check the torque on the bolts. I did and everything is tight. I regreased everything and still getting that clanking noise. It sounds like something is very loose at the front end. I also noticed that the stock front sway bar is VERY loose. when the RZR is just sitting, I can pull the sway bar back and forth, from tire to tire. I was wondering if that could be a/the problem. Any help would be great before I take it in and have someone look at it.


p.s. I just installed my new rebuilt springs from Shock Therapy and the noise was still there.

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