Hey guys I have been reading a lot of the threads before I posted this to see if it was addressed anywhere else but have not come across it. I have been dealing with what everyone else has been dealing with…heat.

I started with the Polaris fan upgrade and Polaris reflash also a Reflex fan kit. This brought my temps down in-between 188 and 206, has not peaked above 206 yet, which is a lot better.

My next step is to contact TCP for a custom tripple pass radiator and intercooler. I am hoping they will be able to accommodate this in the small space we have to work with.

I am also replacing my ECU with an EVO upgrade to kick the fan on even sooner.

This brings me to my question, exhaust, I know how turbos work and the heat coming off the turbo is to say the least VERY hot. However I get so hot my entire exhaust is glowing from the turbo all the way to and including the exhaust pipe.

The complete EVO exhaust comes with a cat on the header pipe, however the Sparks header pipe is without a cat. Would an exhaust without the cat provide a more free flowing exhaust, allowing the heat from the turbo to dissipate better. Or is the EVO full exhaust enough to provide some dissipation of heat from the turbo?

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