I wanted to address the possibility of what can be done to “fix” the issues with the XPT4’s a lot of us have.

I don’t have what I would call rich guy problems, so I cant just dump my XPT4 and go get another machine, like all of my trucks and toys I would rather fix what I already have. Yes it could cost a substantial amount of money to get the machine running the way I want it, but in the long run the outcome should be a kick ass one of a kind off road machine.

When I bought the machine I was aware of the potential problems of buying a first year model. I did my normal upgrades, larger tires, skid plates, seats, harnesses, roof, windshield and lights.

After riding100 miles in the summer I too had overheating issues. I ride mostly mountain trails and rock crawling, multiple trips to Moab every year. To battle this I installed the Reflex cooling package. A very good kit and it did drop my numbers down by 20 degrees along with the Polaris upgraded fan and ECU (not the recall reflash) But I was still looking for the vehicle to run cooler.

Since then I have also experienced some clutching issues along with the noisy front diff, which turned into the diff throwing grease out of the seals. I am having the seals replaced, no issues there and my dealer has been awesome.

So now I have dove into what can be done to make this car solid. I have now upgraded my radiator and inter cooler with the TCP performance kit (not installed yet). I wanted the heat from the turbo dissipates quicker thru the exhaust and will be ordering the EVO magnum full exhaust, along with the V-flow intake boot and Silicone Charge Tube. I am hoping this combination will assist with an increase of air into the machine and out, assisting in dissipating heat quicker. I also am going to throw on the Billet Vent to Atmosphere, well because it does sound cool, and you look or sound cool right!

With the clutch I have read a lot about shims and aftermarket kits, but thru the research the real answer for a solid clutch for me was STM primary and secondary clutches. Currently I am looking into a larger clutch cover that would allow more air into the clutch area. I do not want to run open clutches due to the mud and dirt and grime I run thru.

Finally I am looking at an EVO ECU reflash or a new ECU. My reason for the ECU is not just for added horsepower, but to my understanding the ECU flash turns the fan on sooner and also adjusts the fuel to air ratio allowing the vehicle to run cooler. Diving deeper into this, running 91, 95 or E85 octane, to my understanding, will also determine how hot the engine will run. 95 Octane will have the engine a lot hotter then running E85.

Can anyone add information to the mapping process, is the fuel air ratio curved for a cooler running engine and does the E85 run cooler then running 95 Octane?

I guess to sum things up, a lot of us have the 2016 XPT or XPT4. What can we do to get these running like champs?

What has everyone else experience that has worked for them?

Guys we have enough posts on here with everyone complaining about the machine, please no complaints, lets get some good answers on moving these machines in the right direction.

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