Okay guys here’s the deal. I am completely new to the rzr world. I bought a new xp1k turbo 4 seater last weekend. And haven’t even gotten to my 25hr breakin yet. I live in flagstaff so cinders and high elevation are big But I’d still like to learn more from seasoned rzr owners. Yes I’m mechanically inclined just don’t know the roots it this platform..
And yes I’ve heard it on other forums “you have no business buying that rig if you’re new too them, just get a 900” thing is I didn’t. And am not even considering that idea how else am I gun a learn… anyway I have a few questions
1. Is the slap/clank I here everytime I accelerate or decelerate after high speeds normal?
2. The rattle I hear in the front end can’t be good so I’m hoping they will warranty that.
3. What are good programmers,exhaust, intake, belts,clutch kits for this bike and why.
4. What mpg is everyone getting and why will my right only go 78-80

Thank you very much in advance for any info gained.

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