First post, bare with me please. I have 116 miles on my 16 zp4 turbo. I was at Cal city this Saturday, 2 guys 210lbs per. Here’s what I think and this is coming from someone that hasn’t had a SXS in 5 years. All the factory 16 recalls done less the fan.

!. Very surprised how much power it has. Mine has a Evo pipe and pop off valve, don’t know if it helps on power. What I don’t like is the speed limiter. shutting off at 75mph is a bit weak.

2. The ride and suspension is great. We did some tweaks but over all I am surprised how hard we were going over 3’s at the speed we were.

3. Comfort is good but I can see how you will want after market seats. Mine car came built with a lot of stuff just no after market seats, maybe down the road.

Here’s my gripes.

1. I smoked a belt and if polaris is going to give me a machine that can go 75mph with this power and suspension give me a clutch system that doesn’t smoke belts in 116 miles. Im a thrasher but not that bad.

2. In heat ranges of 170-190f the power was great but when the heat got into the 200-210f it losses a bit of power. Guessing but I think its the intercooler for the turbo and the additional heat is what robs a bit of power. That needs to be taken care of. I have a pro armor bumper with the protective metal shield. It looks to me that the metal shield could be blocking 1/4 of free air getting to the lower section of the radiator-intercoller. Is that a possible cooling issue?

3. The up dated clutch sucks with the hard clunky when it catches as you first take off.

Other then these issues I’m fairly happy. So here’s my questions for you all with what I’m educating myself on reads of the 16 turbo. How do you cool the clutch area successfully and keep it free of sand and dirt? Is the Evo tuner the answer for cooling the motor down plus the right tune and additional 15 HP? I hear the fan comes on at 150F and it helps. I also hear that ya get more MPH from the EVo tuner. Also is moving the intercooler to the back bed area the way to go? Does someone make a after market clutch system that helps with the belt-clutch issues? Who’s the go to Co for this type of parts and can give some real world answers on what works? Sounds like if ya want to make it as bullet proof as you can its on us with very little help from Polaris. Mark my words, and yes I got a smoking deal on this 16 and all the built items, but if this shit don’t get handled at least partially through Polaris, mines getting run through the Polaris front window and I’m becoming a full Can am guy.

One more question, is one belt better then the other?

Thanks in advance.

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