Hey guys,
Been in my yxz for the past 2 years and loved every single minute in it, i put thousands into it to get it to where it was an x3 killer…. none the less i needed 4 seats and the x3 max is just too long looking and low so i got the xpt4…. love it so far. 36 hours in and still stock belt w 32” fuel grippers and 30” Skats for desert… I’ll show a pic for general reference anyways… right when i take off and feather the gas,
I get this loud clanking noise… is this normal sure doesn’t sound good, but after I’m up to cruising speed or even soon it’s gone…. is it my belt ,
Clutch????? Any thing would be helpful thanks. And no nothing is wrong w car no lights on dash or check lights and
She boogies still. So I’m
Just curious thanks guys….it’s almost like it jumps till it grabs a gear or belt i should say?damn CVT lol

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