Bought New Feb 27th
Same day Rode Coos bay dunes for 3 hours, Power steering quit working…Turned out it blew the fuse.
Few weeks later went riding for a day, blew fuse again and started overheating, inspected clutches and primary was looking pretty torn up

Took into Dealer….211 miles on Xp4Turbo
Couldn’t find anything wrong with power steering, clutch had normal wear and they put me on the list for the Fan service advisory repair and ecu reflash. Took over a month to get back.

Fathers day…
Went riding, Overheating seems to be fixed
Blew power steering fuse 5 miles into day, replaced the fuse.
25 miles into the day…Belt exploded into 100 pieces and primary clutch had extremely deep groves. Limped it back to camp with next no belt left. seriously it was down to threads

Took it back to dealer Same day…didn’t even return to home first.
After a week polaris agrees to warranty the Belt and Primary…
Still can’t duplicate power steering issue…
Took over a month to get the parts that were on backorder.

The day before I’m supposed to pick up my RZR polaris announces stop ride…

Pick up my machine and drive back home in trailer….

Contact polaris via social media and after a few days they agree to extend my warranty by 6 months…First good news I have had….

Today, take out RZR of trailer and install windshield and doors.

Notice OIL on my trailer floor,

Inspect front diff,

Its leaking oil out of Both Sides….

Call dealer and take back to dealer today…

Waiting for Polaris’s response– the dealer is going to “look” at it on Tuesday…

All in all, I have been on 3 rides, have 266 miles on my machine. Have made 3 trips to the dealer and have spent close to $26,000 on a paperweight.
Plus my time and diesel taking to dealer.

Yeah its great polaris has extended my warranty and I was happy about that at the beginning of this week and was excited for things to turn around with this RZR, but now I’m at a loss for words. I should have just kept my K&T built Turbo 900….At least It ran…

My dealer seems willing to help but at the same time, it takes them a few days to look at it, 7-10 business days to get parts they say, which usually turns into almost a month due to backordered parts.
I have owned it for just over 5 months, it was at the dealer for over 2 months in total.

I know there is a stop ride on it now but I just want it at home to be able to tinker with it and add the accessories I have purchased. Pretty upset at the whole situation.
Right about now I wish polaris would just buy it back from me…Seriously has just been a time consuming let down to me and the family.

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