So we decided to take the leap and upgrade to a RZR XP Turbo 1000 4 seater with a bunch of accessories. I have a dealer that has a new 2017 with the accessories I want for 28,500 out the door including 5 year warranty and I have another dealer that has a used 2016 with the accessories I want for 22,000 out the door with 4.5 years left on warranty.

I did as much reading as I can and it seems the 17 was redesigned almost from the ground up with better cooling, suspension, drivetrain, and it is quieter than the 16. However saving $6500 is pretty good.

So I am hoping that people here with experience with both can weigh in on if I should save the cash and go for the 16 or if I should take the plunge and get the 17.

On craigslist in my area and at many dealers they have a lot of 16s with low mileage I was very surprised to see that many basically new machines for sale. I don’t know if that means they were bad or if people just wanted to upgrade or possibly be selling impulse buys they cannot afford.

Thanks for your advice. I am test driving the 16 tomorrow and or I can pick up the 17 on Friday.

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