Just picked up my 16′ orange xpt4 at Lexington Motorsports. It was the only one I could fine. Ended up paying $19,800 after the crappy Kentucky taxes (we don’t pay taxes in NH) but it was the only one available so I don’t mind.

I haven’t followed the turbos all that much, so what do I need to do or watch out for? I remember reading something about clutch shims? Was that something fixed with recall?

Thanks guys.
This winter it will get the bikeman stage 2 performer kit, PRP xc seats, tires/wheels, custom stereo, bumpers, cage.. All them fancy whips and lights

What do you guys run for booster seats for kids? My son is almost 4 and is leaving the center seat kit so I’m looking for some type of booster seat. And my daughter will be 1 and a half by next spring, so she will be in her car seat still.

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