Hi everyone. I just joined the ranks of Rzr owners. I’ve had buggies and quads in the past and it seems like this is the future. After my group started selling their buggies for Rzrs, I figured I’d better join in or get left behind. I can’t wait to get out and enjoy it, but for now I like to just go into the garage and look at it and think of things to buy for it. The list gets longer everyday. Next up is some dirt tires as I think our first trip will now be to the desert. We had a Glamis trip planned that we had to cancel the day of. Hence the paddles.
I want to thank all you guys that post and share. I’ve learned so much already just from reading the forums. This is such a valuable resource to everyone and especially noobs like me. Thanks again and happy riding.

The day I bought it.
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And as it sits now.
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