So totally new here and new to the sxs community. I thought I had made up my mind when I was at the dealership the other day, Literally making the deal on a new 4 seater general when the sales guy asked if I wanted to test drive the new XP 4 turbo. I did and needless to say I didn’t make the deal on the general. I now sit without a sxs because I’m on the fence between the two. I’m going in this week to make a deal on one as the general takes 6 weeks to get with ride command and either way I’m pulling the trigger on one of the machines. Problem is I test drove them in the field behind the place with no real trails. In my area there is access to approx 700km in trails ranging from wide open to tight slow speed. I have a wife and two young kids who will come out 50% of the time. Really impressed with both machines but have no real experience with either…
Just looking for opinions and input.

Many thanks,

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