If you take your XP Turbo 4 in for service and ask then to grease the mid prop shaft, and they say they DID, they are lying.

I took some time today to grease all my stuff and couldn’t for the life of me get the mid prop shaft greased.

You can’t get to it underneath, there is an access hole, but not that helps. I would still another hole to access it,but there is a bracket surrounding the shaft where the Zerk is.

For the XP Turbo 4, this fitting is under the second (back) tunnel cover, right behind where the front and rear tunnels connect. If you take the rear cover off, there is just more floorboard and a small access hole. Unfortunately, not enough space to get a tip on it, just couldn’t get the angle. Again, I would have drilled a hole where ever to get access, but again, another bracket behind the plastic. I know I spent more than an hour trying to get this ONE ZERK.

So after pulling the seats, tunnel covers and everything I could think of, I just couldn’t get a good bite on it. So if ur dealer smiles and tells you they knocked it out, I would be doubtful. Lol.

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